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Img2icns is an application to create icons from images or images from icons, keeping them organized for future use. Creating an icon is as simple as dropping one or more images into Img2icns and choosing an export format. Creating icons on Mac OS X was never so easy or so much fun, so start customizing your desktop just now!

Icons ready immediately

You now have an icon and don't know how to attach it to a file? No worries, Img2icns will make attaching icons to files an easy task! Just drop some files on the preview box, and the icon will be applied immediately. The history will track all the icons you've created, so you can apply them later.

Free and Pro version

The base version of Img2icns is still free for everyone.

Purchasing a Img2icns license will unlock the pro version with a lot of new features!

universal binary


  • PowerPC or Intel Mac
  • Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

create icon image Import all formats

Convert most graphic formats, even Photoshop files.

how to mac icons Icons history

Store them all inside the history and never lose icons again.

icons make 1, 10, 100 Icons!

Convert as many images as you like in just 2 steps!

how to make icons From icon to image

Convert your icons into images in the same easy way!

Feature comparison between Free and Pro version




Img2icns Pro

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Export folder icons making icons mac icons maker
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Support and Feedback

For questions, support or feedback you can visit our support page or use the 'Send Feedback...' menu item under the Help menu of Img2icns.

Help and tutorial

Img2icns has an inline help and an extensive tutorial included in the bundle. You can also browse the help pages here.

The inline help should show up the first time you start the application, you can toggle it by using the 'Show Help Balloons' menu item under the Help menu ( ⌘B ).

If you are looking for a more detailed tutorial you can read the help by using the 'Img2icns Help' menu item under the Help menu of Img2icns ( ⌘? ).

Older Version

Version 0.5 of img2icns is available here, this version is compatible with Mac OS X Tiger.

Badges, goodies and thanks

Img2icns icon The Img2icns wonderful icon was created by Fernando Lins (click for a larger version).
Gemmell inside Img2icns help balloons are powered by Matt Gemmell MAAttachedWindow source code.
translation languages Img2icns translators: Stefan Moerkels - German, Yuzuru Shiraiwa - Japanese, Jack Lin - Traditional Chinese,
and love Img2icns. Share your love on iusethis.com.